Owen Baker-Flynn!
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Inspired Silliness!

Photo: Demaris Cleland(Who graciously took this photo at PIER 39 in late March and then sent it to me and said I could use it as I wished.

Owen Baker-Flynn!
Some kind of Comedian!

Owen Baker-Flynn is one of San Francisco's finest entertainers! He juggles, does magic, balances stuff, spits jelly beans and does a really weird thing with his head and neck!

His show is fun for the WHOLE Family!

He is available for parties, schools, libraries, school libraries, conventions, rock videos, major motion pictures, stop motion pictures, grand openings as well as so-so openings, malls, mauls, rec-centers and wrecked centers!

You can contact Owen at
(415) 218-9797
(415) 824-7427
3872 22nd Street
San Francisco, CA 94114

Check out this video of me balancing a pingpong ball on my nose.

And then take a tour of my website and find out what you can expect from Owen!

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to my website!

A YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QU9FWQcy3w

And here's another video of me from a Halloween at my house:

What? Another Youtube Video? You betcha!